Thank You Trees
A man needs something he can hold on to - a nine pound hammer or a woman like you. Either one of them things will do, Jolene.
"Jolene," Ray LaMontagne

Repeat. repeat. repeat.

Whatever makes you happy - whatever you want. You’re so fucking special. I wish I was special.
Creep - Radiohead


i wrote this just after the westgate attack, and thought i’d share it today.


“I hope you’re not at Westgate,” I read on my phone while adjusting my camera bag on my shoulder, stumbling out of a taxi and towards the storytelling festival I was late for.

My eyes skipped down a few lines to…

The Most Astounding Fact - by Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I could watch this over and over forever. And I do, every time I need to be reminded about how big the universe is.

her eyes are light and clear and fearless